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Primary CNS Neoplasms Resources
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Primary CNS Neoplasms

Primary CNS Neoplasms

Primary central nervous system neoplasms are rare cancers of the central nervous system: the brain, spinal cord and optic nerves.

What are the symptoms of primary CNS neoplasms?
Symptoms will differ depending on the location of the tumor, but can include headaches, changes in mood and memory or personality, 疲劳和癫痫.

How are primary CNS neoplasms diagnosed?
A complete physical and neurological exam may be followed by various imaging tests, 比如MRI, PET scan and CT scan. A spinal tap may be done, as well as numerous other tests.

What are the treatments for primary CNS neoplasms?
Chemotherapy and radiation are likely treatments. Surgery is sometimes a possibility depending on the location of the tumor.

What are the risk factors for primary CNS neoplasms?
This disease is rare and typically affects older people, but younger people who are HIV-positive are also susceptible to developing lymphoma in the brain.

What are some additional resources for learning about primary CNS neoplasms?
If you or your loved one is facing primary CNS neoplasms, 网上买球软件 has a whole range of services designed to help you so you never take this journey alone. Please talk to your 网上买球软件 provider or your Nurse Navigator, or check the service pages for information about treatments, services and support groups.