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How long will my surgery last?
Depending upon the type of surgery you are having, the actual surgical time will vary. This specific question should be discussed with your surgeon.

Why do I have to come in so early?
Because of the nature of surgery, actual surgical times may vary. 除了, the Same Day Surgery nurses are required to do a physical assessment prior to any surgical procedure. Occasionally, abnormal lab tests done preoperatively need to be repeated.

If I go to my doctor's office for a pre-op, why do I have to go to the Medical Center for one also?
The doctor may do a history and physical at the time of your office visit, but the nursing staff must also do an assessment at the Medical Center before surgery. We will make every effort to complete this assessment over the phone, as we know your time is valuable. All the information you share will go to the anesthesia staff. They review this history prior to the day of surgery and evaluates your diagnostic tests as well.

Why must I answer the same questions over and over again?
It is a check and balance system used to enhance patient safety and ensure a positive outcome for your surgery.

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